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Oneida County  Land Information is pleased to make available several of our maps products. Some of our scanned maps may not be entirely legible due to quality of the original.  Below is a list of what the folders contain.

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Retrieve an Oneida County Map!

Survey Maps - Choose Town - Range - Section

Survey Maps - Choose Map Letter and Enter Map Number

Survey Maps - Find By Surveyor

Survey Notes - Choose Town - Range - Section

Parcel Maps
- Choose Town - Range - Section

PLSS Corner Certificates - Choose Town - Range - Section

1920's Oneida County Plat Map   WIGenWeb Project
BLM Records   BLM Records -  Original Gov't PLSS surveys, resurveys, patents etc (Bureau of Land Management)
Boat Launches   Boat Launches
Control Finder   Horizontal and Vertical control WI State Cartographers site.
County Board  Supervisor Districts   Voting Ward Maps   Oneida County Supervisor District maps by district and Voting ward maps by Municipality
County, City and Misc. Maps   Miscellaneous - County, City Maps
DFIRM Maps   Flood Insurance Rate Maps. Click on map index to open map panel
DNR Lake Maps Oneida County   DNR Lake Maps Oneida County
Index Map.pdf  

Use to locate your area of interest by Township and Range for map sets below.

Old Survey Notes   Survey notes from 1880’s to 1980’s. & Miscellaneous maps books etc.
Original Gov't PLSS   Original Gov't PLSS survey notes and plats (Board of Commissioners of Public Lands)
Parcel Maps   Parcel index maps by Section, files are named by Township, Range, Section ie (360906.pdf = Township 36 North, Range 9 East, Section 6).
PLSS Corner Certificates   United States Public Land Survey System ‘corner tie sheets’ for PLSS corner, ie section corners, ¼ corners, meander corners etc. You can search for a specific corner if you know its corner ID.   To search, select F3, fill in the desired ID (ie 3509100000) click ‘Next’. PLSS Corner ID System
Recreation Maps   Miscellaneous County Recreation Maps
School Districts Map   Oneida County School Districts Map
Survey Index  

Index to survey maps and survey notes in various formats.

Survey Maps   Only survey maps in County Survey files. Go to survey map letter and number folder you want to search, select F3, fill in the desired Map # ID (ie B 500) click ‘Next’.  Plats and CSM’s are not available online at this time.
Tax Data & GIS Mapping Site   Oneida County Land Records System is a web-based application that allows users to navigate, query, and report on spatial and non-spatial information, through the use of simple data queries, a pan/zoom interface and other advanced GIS functions. Information is viewable in map and database formats.
Town Road Info   Historic Information about town roads
WHAIfinder   Wisconsin Historic Aerial Image Finder
Zoning Maps   Arranged by Town name.

Oneida County thanks North Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission for their assistance with providing access to this information.  Should you have any questions or comments please contact Oneida County Land Information at or 715-369-6179.

Updated May 30, 2024
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